Robin Wright (1987)

May 1987: Robin Wright and Stephen Meadows cover Ciné Télé Revue

Robin Wright as Kelly Capwell and Stephen Meadows as Peter Flint/Antonio Fiorno are on the cover of the French magazine Ciné Télé Revue.

June 2, 1987: Robin Wright and Ross Kettle cover Soap Opera Digest

Robin Wright as Kelly Capwell and Ross Kettle as Jeffrey Conrad are on the cover of the USA magazine Soap Opera Digest.

June 30, 1987: Second Daytime Emmy nomination for Robin Wright

The 14th Daytime Emmy Awards were held on June 30, 1987. Robin Wright received her second daytime Emmy nomination for ‘Santa Barbara’ where she plays Kelly Capwell. The show received many other nominations:

Outstanding Drama Series
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: A MARTINEZ
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series: MARCY WALKER
Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series: ROBIN WRIGHT
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: JUSTIN DEAS & RICHARD EDEN
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: ROBIN MATTSON
Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series: JOHN WESLEY SHIPP (He won the award)

The nominees in the category of Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series were Tracey E. Bregman (The Young and the Restless), Jane Krakowski (Search for Tomorrow), Krista Tesreau (Guiding Light), Robin Wright (Santa Barbara) and Martha Byrne who won the award for ‘As the World Turns’.

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September 18, 1987: ‘The Princess Bride’ World premiere at Toronto Film Festival

The 12th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada between September 10 and September 19, 1987.

‘The Princess Bride’ premiered at the Ryerson Theatre and won the People’s Choice award.

September 25, 1987: ‘The Princess Bride’ is released in theaters

Robin Wright’s second film was released in the United States on September 25, 1987 and was well received by critics. It grossed $30.9 million at the United States box office on a $16 million production budget.

The movie is directed by Rob Reiner and stars Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, André the Giant, Fred Savage, Peter Falk, Peter Cook, Mel Smith, Carol Kane and Billy Crystal.

October 1987: Robin Wright in People Magazine

Robin Wright is featured in the October issue of USA ‘People Magazine’.

One of the pictures included in the magazine shows Robin Wright with her Shar Pei dog named Shiwa who lost one of his legs when he was hit by a car as a pup.

The article is mostly about the movie ‘The Princess Bride’. Director Rob Reiner says: “We all had our image of what Buttercup should like and Robin was perfect”.

Robin Wright also talks about her boyfriend Dane Witherspoon: “Our chemistry was so hot we were steaming just looking at each other. No wonder we got the parts. But soon Dane was fired. He went through hell emotionally, but we held on to each other.”

October 23, 1987: Robin Wright in Chicago Tribune

In this article, Robin Wright talks about her modelling days. She started modeling when she was 14 after an agent saw her skating and was impressed by her poise. Wright says: “I thoroughly hated modeling. It’s such a chauvinistic world. Women are treated like commodities. They sell their looks. All a model is ever told is to put her clothes on and shut up. I did it for the money and to see the world.”

Then she explains that working on ‘Santa Barbara’ is a lot more emotionally rewarding than modeling. “Oh, yes! In ‘Santa Barbara’ they actually ask my opinion about what goes into the show. Besides, if you do a soap, you can do anything in the world. Working on a soap is so hard and so fast.”

She also says that she didn’t talk with Cybill Shepherd when she was on ‘The Yellow Rose’ (Wright’s acting debut in 1984) “Cybill stayed away from the supporting cast”, Wright says, grimacing slightly.

Robin Wright also talks about how in 1984 she unsuccessfully auditioned for the title role of ‘The Sure Thing’ directed by Rob Reiner. ” I was too young” she says. “I didn’t know anything about auditioning for a movie. I didn’t know how to act on an audition. I was supposed to be playing a confident woman, and I was scared stiff.”

But 3 years later, Rob Reiner was looking for someone “beautiful, vulnerable, regal and young” to play the luscious Princess Buttercup. He auditioned more than 500 young women. Rob says, “the moment Robin walked into my office, I knew she was my Buttercup”.

December 1987: Robin Wright is filming ‘Denial’, her third movie

The shooting of ‘Denial’, directed by Erin Dignam, began on December 14, 1987 and ended in January 1988.

In this movie, Robin Wright plays the leading role or Sarah/Loon who has a crazy love story with Michael, the character played by Jason Patric.

December 5, 1987: Robin Wright covers Télé Star Magazine

Robin is on the cover of French magazine Télé Star Magazine.

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