Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell)

Birth Name: Marcy Lynn Walker
Born: November 26, 1961 in Paducah, Kentucky, USA

Marcy Walker played Eden Capwell from episode 45 (September 28, 1984) to episode 1773 (August 09, 1991). In the soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’, Marcy Walker was Robin Wright’s older sister.

In June 23, 1988, Robin left ‘Santa Barbara’ forever and Marcy Walker talked about Robin Wright’s departure from the show. Marcy admitted that it would be really hard adjusting to her new on-screen sister played by Kimberly McArthur. She says: “Robin is a really special person. We were so close. We had our times…, times when we misunderstood each other and times when we’d walk away from a scene together and know that we really loved one another. We were like family…, like sisters in a way. Robin and I worked together from the beginning of this show. I saw her grow up. She saw me grow up. We had such a history together. To look at someone else and have to play that same kind of relationship is going to be really hard.”

Here you can watch a beautiful and scary episode of Santa Barbara:

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Marcy Walker as Eden Capwell on ‘Santa Barbara’

In September 28, 1984, Marcy Walker made her first appearance as Eden Capwell on the soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’.

Her character, partnered with A Martinez character, Cruz Castillo, became one of the period’s most popular supercouples.

For this role, Walker received three Daytime Emmy nominations in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress. She won the award in 1989 for an emotional storyline in which her character was brutally beaten and raped.

Marcy Walker left the show in August 9, 1991.

Marcy Walker: 5 marriages and 1 child

Marcy Walker has been married five times, and was the mother to one son, Taylor Collins born on February 3, 1989.

Her first marriage was to actor Stephen Ferris, to whom she was briefly married in 1983.

Then, in November 2, 1985, she married actor Billy Warlock and they divorced in 1987. In this photo we can see Marcy and her husband Billy at the Daytime Emmys on June 30, 1987.

In 1990 she married cameraman Stephen Collins, but they divorced in 1991. They had a child together on February 3, 1989: Taylor Collins (he was Marcy’s only son).

Later, Marcy married and divorced Robert Drew Primrose in 1997 and 1999, respectively.

On December 11, 1999 she married her fifth husband Doug Smith, to whom she is still married.

Marcy Walker Selected Filmography

Terror in the Shadows (1995)

This is a TV movie released on October 16, 1995 on NBC and directed by William A. Graham.

The film stars Marcy Walker, Genie Francis, Leigh J. McCloskey, Victoria Wyndham and Mark Damon Espinoza.

PLOT: Five years ago, Christine (Marcy Walker) went after the baby she gave up for adoption, claiming he’d been stolen, and wound-up killing Alex Williams’ wife and the baby the Williams had adopted. Now, Alex (Leigh McCloskey) has remarried to a woman named Sarah (Genie Francis) with a young son and when Christine escapes from a mental institution, she heads straight for Alex, looking for revenge.

2 thoughts on “Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell)

  1. Marcy Walker was amazing as Eden. I loved all the original Capwell children: Marcy, Todd Mckee, Lane Davies and Robin Wright. Then with all the nonsense recasts and all of them leaving the show was never the same. I never liked the others Mason, Ted or Kelly’s.

  2. 5 marriages between 1983 and 1999? It seems that in her real-life Marcy Walker is more like Kelly Capwell than Eden Capwell.

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