Santa Barbara (1984-1988)

Santa Barbara is an American Daytime Soap Opera which ran on NBC for 2137 episodes from July 30, 1984 to January 15, 1993.

Robin Wright played the role of Kelly Capwell from July 30, 1984 (Episode 1) to June 23, 1988 (Episode 982).

After Robin Wright left ‘Santa Barbara’, Kelly Capwell was played by Kimberly McArthur, Carrington Garland and Eileen Davidson.

Robin Wright AWARDS & NOMINATIONS for her role of Kelly Capwell

  • Daytime Emmy Awards 1988 | Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series | Nominated
  • Daytime Emmy Awards 1987 | Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series | Nominated
  • Daytime Emmy Awards 1986 | Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series | Nominated
  • Soap Opera Digest Awards 1988 | Outstanding Heroine: Daytime | WINNER
  • Soap Opera Digest Awards 1986 | Outstanding Young Leading Actress on a Daytime Serial | Nominated

Robin Wright absences during her 4 years as Kelly Capwell

➡ From episode 164 (March 19, 1985) to episode 186 (April 18, 1985), Kelly Capwell only appears one episode because Robin Wright is filming ‘Hollywood Vice Squad’ her acting debut in cinemas.

➡ Robin Wright does not appear on the show from episode 523 (August 19, 1986) to episode 613 (December 25, 1986). That’s because she was filming ‘The Princess Bride’ in England.

➡ Kelly Capwell does not appear from episode 867 (January 13, 1988) to episode 885 (February 9, 1988) because Robin Wright is filming her third movie: Denial’.

Santa Barbara RATINGS

Season 1984-1985 ➡ 3.4
Season 1985-1986 ➡ 4.2
Season 1986-1987 ➡ 4.2
Season 1987-1988 ➡ 4.9
Season 1988-1989 ➡ 4.8
Season 1989-1990 ➡ 3.7
Season 1990-1991 ➡ 3.2
Season 1991-1992 ➡ 3.1

Some ratings from Season 1992-1993:

May 18-22, 1992 ➡ 2.6
Sept 28-Oct 2, 1992 ➡ 2.5
Oct 12-16, 1992 ➡ 2.4
Dec 28- Jan 1, 1992 ➡ 2.9
Jan 4-8, 1993 ➡ 2.8
Jan 11-15, 1993 ➡ 2.9

CAST: A Martinez, Marcy Walker, Nancy Lee Grahn, Jed Allan, Judith McConnell, Robin Mattson, Lane Davies, Todd McKee, Nicolas Coster, Robin Wright, Louise Sorel, Frank Runyeon, Carrington Garland, Justin Deas, Gordon Thomson, Kristen Meadows, Roscoe Born, Richard Eden, John Callahan, Robert Thaler, Ross Kettle, Leigh McCloskey, Vincent Irizarry, Jack Wagner, Stacy Edwards, Nina Arvesen, John Allen Nelson, Christopher Mayer, Linda Gibboney, Harley Jane Kozak, Stephen Meadows, Jane Sibbett, Ally Walker, David Haskell, Page Mosely, Marj Dusay, Shirley Anne Field, Ava Lazar, Dane Witherspoon, Mark Arnold, Paula Kelly, Janis Paige, Dame Judith Anderson…

CREATORS: Bridget Dobson and Jerome Dobson

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Dobson Productions, New World Television

Bridget and Jerome Dobson | Jeffrey Hayden: July 30, 1984 to September 1984
Bridget and Jerome Dobson | Charles Pratt, Sr.:  October to November 1984
Bridget and Jerome Dobson | Mary-Ellis Bunim: November 1984 to November 1986
Bridget and Jerome Dobson: December 1986 to October 1987
Jill Farren Phelps: December 1987 to March 1990
Jill Farren Phelps & John Conboy: March to August 1990
John Conboy: August 1990 to June 1991
Paul Rauch & Bridget and Jerome Dobson: June 1991 to January 15, 1993

Bridget & Jerome Dobson | July 30, 1984 to December 1986
Anne Howard Bailey & Charles Pratt Jr. | December 1986 to January 1989
Charles Pratt, Jr. | January 1989 to May 1990
Sheri Anderson & Maralyn Thoma | May to June 1990
Sheri Anderson, Samuel D. Ratcliffe & Maralyn Thoma | June to July 1990
Samuel D. Ratcliffe & Maralyn Thoma | July 1990 to February 1991
Bridget and Jerome Dobson | February 1991 to February 1992
Pamela K. Long | February 1992 to January 15, 1993

WRITERS: Bridget Dobson, Jerome Dobson, Sheri Anderson, Anne Howard Bailey, Kim Beyer-Johnson, Bettina F. Bradbury, Richard Culliton, Charlotte M. Dobbs, Christopher Dunn, Josh Griffith, Robert Guza Jr., Hoyt Hilsman, C.L. Johnson, N. Gail Lawrence, Pamela K. Long, Joan McCall, Patrick Mulcahey, Lynda Myles, Charles Pratt Jr., Thom Racina, Pete T. Rich, Michael Russnow, Frank Salisbury, Courtney Sherman, Maralyn Thoma, Jack Turley, Michele Val Jean…

DIRECTORS: Rick Bennewitz, Gary Bowen, Peter Brinkerhoff, John J. Desmond, Ellen Falcon, Bill Glenn, Michael Gliona, Norman Hall, Grant A. Johnson, Bob LaHendro, Stephen Messer, Karl Messerschmidt, Gordon Rigsby, Robert Schiller, John Sedwick, Nicholas Stamos, George Thompson, Andrew D. Weyman, John C. Zak…

MUSIC: Joseph Harnell, Dominic Messinger, Rick Rhodes, Randy Padgett, Art Phillips, Anthony R. Jones…

4 thoughts on “Santa Barbara (1984-1988)

  1. My Dear Robin:

    It has been an exceptional career and I shall feel ashamed since watching some of your early films did not capture the script psychological intuition, which is most obvious aware your beauty in every character simply enhanced the ideal woman I dreamed about.

    I felt in love with you moment I saw Message in a Bottle, then tempted to unfold the puzzle conscientious of the Chicago Tribune and surrounding, marvelous and touching for each time you have played it paramount Ms. Wright.

    My affections,


  2. I loved Robin Wright as Kelly on Santa Barbara. She was so troubled, sweet and also a dark character.

  3. Maybe now the series can be seen as old, cheesy and cheap, but in the eighties it was a very popular show, super entertaining, with many fans and it won many awards.

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