Robin Wright (1990)

January 21, 1990: ‘Denial’ World Premiere at Sundance Film Festival

‘Denial’, the third movie starring Robin Wright premieres at the Sundance Film Festival and gets some good reviews.

One of them says that “director Erin Dignam weaves a graceful drama which has presence. Brooding, delicate and fifed with uncertainty, this is a difficult work that demands our concentration. Robin Wright contributes a remarkable, penetrating performance that epitomizes the director’s concerns, capturing Loon at two completely different periods of her life with astounding depth and complexity. Reynaldo Villalobos’s cinematography is careful, with an effective use of natural and white light.”

September 14, 1990: ‘State of Grace’ is released in theaters

‘State of Grace’, starring Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman and Robin Wright, was released on a limited basis (14 theaters) in the United States on September 14, 1990.

The next weeks the film appeared on 335 screens in its widest release.

First-week box office totaled $179,927 (from 14 screens). Total receipts were $1,911,542.

The movie is a major success in some foreign countries like Spain or France.

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