Robin Wright (1984)

May 12, 1984: Robin Wright Acting Debut

Robin Wright debuted as an actress in the series finale of the NBC TV show ‘The Yellow Rose’. She played Barbara Anderson.

July 11, 1984: Robin Wright begins filming ‘Santa Barbara’

From July 11 to July 14, Robin Wright shoots the first episode of the soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’ where she plays Kelly Capwell, the main heroine of the show.

Her first day she films 3 scenes. The first one is with Todd McKee and Julie Ronnie in the tack room set. Her second one is with Stephen Meadows in Kelly’s bedroom set. And the third one is in the helicopter mock-up.

July  27, 1984: ‘Santa Barbara’ Premiere party

To celebrate the premiere of NBC soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’, a gala party was thrown at the Princess Restaurant in Los Angeles, where the cast and crew got to meet the press.

Here we can see Robin Wright (who plays Kelly Capwell) with Melissa BrennanMelissa Reeves (who plays Jade Perkins).

July 30, 1984: Santa Barbara premieres on NBC

‘Santa Barbara’ debuted on NBC and would air until January 15, 1993.

Robin Wright played the role of Kelly Capwell from July 30, 1984 (Episode 1) to June 23, 1988 (Episode 982).

Here you can watch the first episode:

YouTube video

October 1984: Robin Wright turns down ‘Weird Science’

‘Weird Science’ casting director Jackie Burch revealed that Kelly LeBrock was not the first choice for the character of Lisa.

Robin Wright was cast but they lost her because she was working on ‘Santa Barbara’ and the producers of the soap opera didn’t allow her to do this movie directed by John Hughes and starring Anthony Michael Hall, Bill Paxton & Robert Downey Jr.

The shooting of ‘Weird Science’ was from Oct 2, 1984 to Dec 21, 1984.

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