Marcy Walker | Santa Barbara Stars

Marcy Walker played Eden Capwell from episode 45 (September 28, 1984) to episode 1773 (August 09, 1991). In the soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’, Marcy Walker was Robin Wright’s older sister.

YouTube video

In this video, you can watch some beautiful scenes of The Capwell Sisters from episode 765 (August 1987).

Here is a still of Marcy Walker as Eden Capwell from 1991.

A Martinez (Cruz Castillo) and Marcy Walker (Eden Capwell) were the big supercouple of soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’.

In 1985, Eden Capwell married the evil Kirk Cranston played by Joseph Bottoms.

In 1991, Marcy Walker leaves the daytime show ‘Santa Barbara’ for the primetime show ‘Palace Guard’.

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