Judith McConnell (Sophia Capwell)

Birth Name: Judith Lynn McConnell
Born: April 6, 1944 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Judith McConnell has a rich history in daytime television that includes performances in ‘General Hospital’, ‘As the World Turns’, and ‘Another World’ as well as many guest starring roles in episodic television. But she’s best known and loved by audiences for her portrayal of Sophia Capwell on soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’.

Judith McConnell as Sophia Capwell on ‘Santa Barbara’

Judith McConnell played Sophia Capwell from episode 66 (October 29, 1984) to episode 2137 (the series finale released on January 15, 1993). In the soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’, Judith McConnell played Robin Wright’s mother.

In an interview from 2013, Judith McConnell said: “Santa Barbara was not my first soap. I had worked on three others before Santa Barbara. When I started Santa Barbara, I was amazed and delighted with the writing and stories. The acting was superb. We had monitors in the make-up room and could watch the scenes that were being taped. I would be arrested by the work of Marcy, A, Robin Wright, Robin Mattson, Louise, Nick, Jed, Todd, Lane, Nancy. This was a terrific cast.”

In an interview from 2021, Judith McConnell talked about some of the actors who played their children. She said:
ABOUT TODD MCKEE: “Todd and I laughed all the time. We just giggled. He’s funny too.”
ABOUT ROBIN WRIGHT:  “Robin was the most beautiful person I have ever seen. She’s so gorgeous and lovely, real down to earth and she was a neophyte. She hadn’t had any experience so she paid very much attention. She was learning and she was improving. She never overplayed anything. She never did it too big. None of us were surprised that she had a movie star career. She was nice and great to work with. I just love her.”
ABOUT MARCY WALKER:  “Marcy was  difficult to work with. It was hard sometimes to get the warmth going.”

Here you can watch a beautiful episode of Santa Barbara:

YouTube video


June 27, 1965: Judith McConnell as Miss Pennsylvania

21 years old Judith Lynn McConnell was chosen as the 1965 Miss Pennsylvania. She was a winner in the talent division competition offering a dramatic monologue from ‘Joan of Arc’.

October 12, 1990: Judith McConnell’s daughter is born

When Judith McConnell realized she wanted a child, she sought legal assistance. Sidestepping the traditional adoption agency, she hired a lawyer to pursue an “open adoption”, where the adoptive mother and the birth mother select each other.

McConnell says: “I wanted a baby. I couldn’t imagine my life without a child. I was waiting for the perfect fantasy situation-perfect man, perfect career- of course, it doesn’t happen. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer, because I was getting older. Also, I knew that I felt satisfied. I don’t feel the craving ambitions of career anymore. That’s when you are younger. Eventually, I went to an adoption lawyer and learned that it was, in fact, possible to do as a single woman. I thought about it for a year, and then in April of 1990, I called the lawyer back and said that I was ready. I first spoke to Gwendolyn’s mother that August. The baby was born on October 12, 1990. When the natural mother gave birth by caesarean, I was with her. I watched Gwendolyn being born, and I held her right away. I went to the nursery when they bathed and swaddled her. As soon as that was done, the nurses gave her to me. The afternoon Gwen was born, a friend picked me up from the hospital and drove me to work. People I ‘ve known for years, like Jed Allan and Louise Sorel said, “Where were you?” I said, “I just had a baby”. I hadn’t told anyone at work what I was doing because if one person knows, then it’s not a secret anymore. But everyone was really happy for me. I had only told friends who’ve known me since high school and college, and my parents, who were behind me.”

Judith McConnell Selected Filmography

The Darkness (2016)

Judith McConnell plays Trish in the horror movie ‘The Darkness’ directed by Greg McLean. She portrays the mother of Radha Mitchell and the mother-in-law of Kevin Bacon.

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  1. This is the 2nd interview with an important actor of Santa Barbara that stated working with Marcy Walker could be difficult. First it was Nicolas Coster and now is Judith McConnell. I don’t know the truth but it seems as if Marcy Walker probably was not friendly on set with some of her fellow actors. Also I’ve read she stopped talking to A Martinez after having shared such a special connection.

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