Where All Light Tends to Go (2022)


Plot: Jacob McNeely (Hopper Penn), the son of a meth-addicted mother (Robin Wright) and a sociopathic father (Billy Bob Thornton) who operates a drug ring, has always believed he can’t transcend his roots. But when his childhood sweetheart, Maggie, graduates from high school, she asks him to leave the mountains with her, and he begins to envision a life free of his family legacy.

Director: Ben Young

Writing Credits: David Joy (novel) & Robert Knott (screenplay)

Cast: Hopper Penn, Billy Bob Thornton & Robin Wright.

Producers: Ruth Bornhauser, Griff Furst, Josh Kesselman, Robert Knott & Robin Wright.

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller.

Filming Dates: November 1, 2021 (Start Date)

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