Birth Name: Robin Virginia Gayle Wright
Date of Birth: 8 April 1966 – Dallas, Texas, USA

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Robin Wright Children: Dylan Frances Penn (13 April 1991) and Hooper Jack Penn (6 August 1993)

Robin Wright Parents: Fred Wright and Gayle Gaston.

Married to:
Dane Witherspoon (1986 – 1988) — Sean Penn (27 April 1996 – 22 July 2010) — Clement Giraudet (11 August 2018 – present)

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    1. Hi, Robin had a scene in Forrest Gump wearing one of my metal mesh halters while thinking about jumping of a building . I have a new mesh line more suited to a scene like that or a red carpet event. I didnt want to intrude here but every time I went on line to contact Kamal Harris her stylist I got Kamala our new vice president. Regards Tony Ferrara

  1. Hi Robin,
    I am a human being living in Spain and I just saw your movie LAND right now. Wow I found it wonderful (for the photography, for your acting, and especially for the inner journey that your character makes during the film).
    I have discovered you in this movie. I had seen other movies in which you acted before, but I had never observed what is behind your eyes. And in this movie you show it openly. You show your soul in a clear and transparent way. And I’m not talking about your character at all, but about you as a human being. It has been very beautiful to be able to feel that soul through the cinema screen. You pass through the screen and arrive with a clarity that I have never been able to feel before.
    THANK YOU for creating such a simple, intense and beautiful story. And above all THANK YOU for opening your heart and soul the way you have.
    BIG HUG!!

  2. Dear Robin,

    I am Robin, I am a young male actor from Britain and I am starting to do drama. I have seen you in The Last Castle. I like to say Robin is a nice name, you look young and adorable, your hair looks wonderful, your eyes look sweet, you have a delightful smile and April 8 1966 sounds like a charming date.

    Lots of love,
    Robin Heyworth

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