Birth Name: Robin Virginia Gayle Wright

Date of Birth: April 8, 1966 (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Robin Wright Children: Dylan Frances Penn (April 13, 1991) & Hooper Jack Penn (August 6, 1993)

Robin Wright Parents: Fred Wright & Gayle Gaston

DANE WITHERSPOON: They were together from 1984 to 1988. In late 1987, they got married, but their marriage only lasted 6 months. Sadly, Dane Witherspoon died on March 29, 2014.

SEAN PENN: They were together from 1989 to 2010. In April 27, 1996, they got married. But 14 years later (July 22, 2010) they got divorced.

CLEMENT GIRAUDET: They married in 2018, but on September 22, 2022, Robin Wright filed for divorce.

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    1. Hi, Robin had a scene in Forrest Gump wearing one of my metal mesh halters while thinking about jumping of a building . I have a new mesh line more suited to a scene like that or a red carpet event. I didnt want to intrude here but every time I went on line to contact Kamal Harris her stylist I got Kamala our new vice president. Regards Tony Ferrara

    1. I don’t normally write on fan sites, but this is an exception. I finally finished House of Cards and the last season where Robin as Claire was outstanding. Robin, I really applaud your ability to create a character as complicated and as selfishly evil as you did. Perhaps because of your ability to direct or create a scene that the smaller traits of hand motions, posture and cat like movements that you employed were so well done! I assume the “cat like” walk, the stoic expressions, and the all capturing eyes were part of the mysteriously calculating person Claire was. It really was the complete character composition and in a lot of ways it made me uncomfortable not really knowing what was coming next. Plus Claire’s ability to overcome in every season was what I came to expect. I have seen your wonderful humane roles as Jenny and as Princess Buttercup…..but this was subtle inhumanity at its best. I’ve always heard playing the villain was the most fun and I hope you had it….saying the lines and choreographing where you were supposed to be and how to stand must have been a blast to conjure up. Thank you so much for your portrayal… was really great and in the end entertaining. Keep up your great work….your striving for excellence is really showing.

  1. Hi Robin,
    I am a human being living in Spain and I just saw your movie LAND right now. Wow I found it wonderful (for the photography, for your acting, and especially for the inner journey that your character makes during the film).
    I have discovered you in this movie. I had seen other movies in which you acted before, but I had never observed what is behind your eyes. And in this movie you show it openly. You show your soul in a clear and transparent way. And I’m not talking about your character at all, but about you as a human being. It has been very beautiful to be able to feel that soul through the cinema screen. You pass through the screen and arrive with a clarity that I have never been able to feel before.
    THANK YOU for creating such a simple, intense and beautiful story. And above all THANK YOU for opening your heart and soul the way you have.
    BIG HUG!!

  2. Dear Robin,

    I am Robin, I am a young male actor from Britain and I am starting to do drama. I have seen you in The Last Castle. I like to say Robin is a nice name, you look young and adorable, your hair looks wonderful, your eyes look sweet, you have a delightful smile and April 8 1966 sounds like a charming date.

    Lots of love,
    Robin Heyworth

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