Santa Barbara Episode 769

Release Date Episode 769: August 21, 1987

PLOT Episode 769:

-Jake organizes a funeral ceremony in respect of his father. Ted persuades Laken to accompany him there.

-Gina is back from Atlantic City. She surprises Keith in his sleep who calls her Jane. Having questioned Hayley, she is sure that it is Jane Wilson he is talking about. She comes to find her in Johnny’s and Jane tells her that Keith abused her. Both women come to blows and Gina, who attacks a policeman in service, finds herself stopped and driven to Keith’s office, who lets her stay in a cell…

-Kelly and Jeffrey prepare the advertising campaign of a new perfume, The Beast. They accept male models who for the audition only take off their shirts. Jeffrey becomes quickly hung up over this. He speaks suddenly about Jake, whom they crossed the day before on the beach. Kelly is persuaded that he would make the perfect model.

The summary is from Santa Barbara: The French Site


  • Jed Allan as CC Capwell
  • Nicolas Coster as Lionel Lockridge
  • Lane Davies as Mason Capwell
  • Justin Deas as Keith Timmons
  • Michael Durrell as Alex Nikolas
  • Richard Eden as Brick Wallace
  • Rick Edwards as Jake Morton
  • Stacy Edwards as Hayley Benson
  • Nancy Lee Grahn as Julia Wainwright
  • Scott Jaeck as Cain Garver
  • Ross Kettle as Jeffrey Conrad
  • A Martinez as Cruz Castillo
  • Robin Mattson as Gina Capwell
  • Judith McConnell as Sophia Capwell
  • Todd McKee as Ted Capwell
  • Kristen Meadows as Victoria Lane
  • Marisol Rodriguez as Carmencita Castillo
  • Jane Sibbett as Jane Wilson
  • Susan Marie Snyder as Laken Lockridge
  • Robert Thaler as Pearl
  • Marcy Walker as Eden Capwell
  • Sherilyn Wolter as Eleanor Norris
  • Robin Wright as Kelly Capwell

Supporting Cast:

  • Eileen Barnett as Marsha Connors
  • Tony Acierto as Willy
  • Mark Schneider as Paul Marshall