Robin Wright on ‘Woman’s Hour’ and ‘Jo Good’


On April 25 2016, Robin Wright was interviewed by Jane Garvey in her UK BBC radio show ‘Woman’s Hour’. Robin’s segment was recorded last week when she was in London.

Wright spoke about her role on ‘House of Cards’. The actress explained that she developed the idea for the character Claire Underwood whilst watching a David Attenborough documentary.

Robin also talked about ‘Pour Les Femmes’, the pajamas line she created with designer Karen Fowler to help the lives of women in Congo that are victims of sexual violence.


On April 21, 2016, Robin attended (this time with Karen Fowler) the show Jo Good from BBC Radio London. Both spoke with Joanne Good about Raise Hope for Congo, Pour Le Femmes, House of Cards, Donald Trump and the Queen of England’s birthday.

Here are the links for both interviews:
Robin Wright on Woman’s Hour (Robin’s segment is in the first 10 minutes)
Robin Wright and Karen Fowler on Jo Good

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