Robin Wright News (March-April 2019)

March 5, 2019: Robin Wright and husband Clement Giraudet in Brentwood, California.

March 6, 2019:
New photo shot by photographer Rory Payne for Matches Fashion. Robin wears Pour Les Femmes collection.

March 7, 2019:
Robin Wright posted this beautiful photo on her official Instagram account.

March 8, 2019:
Matches Fashion posted this interview of Robin and Karen Fowler from November 2018

March 9, 2019:
Jed Allan, the great CC Capwell of Santa Barbara, died on Saturday. He was 84 years old. Jed Allan played the father of Kelly Capwell (Robin Wright).

In a Facebook post, Allan’s son, Rick Brown, said “So sorry to post the very sad news of my father’s passing tonight. He died peacefully and was surrounded by his family and loved so much by us and so many others. Thank you for all who are part of this wonderful tribute to my dad on Facebook.”

Jed Allan was in Santa Barbara from episode 368 (January 1986) to episode 2137 (the series finale in January 1993).

He also played Don Craig in the soap opera Days of our lives from 1971 to 1985. Fans of Beverly Hills 90210 also remember him as the father of Ian Ziering.

March 14, 2019:
Pour Les Femmes posted this picture of Robin Wright. If you want their pineapple print pajama set, it is available now at @netaporter

March 28, 2019: Robin Wright attends the Fashion Trust Arabia Prize awards ceremony in Doha, Qatar.

eugene.vogue posted this picture on his Instagram with Robin Wright in Doha, Qatar.

Pour Les Femmes posted this beautiful picture of Robin Wright and Karen Fowler in Doha, Qatar.

Maria Mumtaz posted this picture on her Instagram with Robin Wright in Doha, Qatar.

April 2, 2019:
Robin Wright and Karen Fowler in Pour Les Femmes event in Neiman Marcus store in Dallas.

April 16, 2019:
Pour Les Femmes posted this picture of Robin Wright.

April 21, 2019:
Paul Norton posted this picture of his travel with Robin Wright. He wrote: “This week was so special spending some quality time road tripping w/ @robingwright and @vtanis”. You can follow Paul Norton on his Instagram.

April 25, 2019:
Pour Les Femmes posted this picture of Robin Wright.

3 thoughts on “Robin Wright News (March-April 2019)

  1. I do not like that session of Rory Pane for Matches Fashion…..
    I think Robin is wearing a dreadful hairstyle and she looks older than she actually is.
    I guess Robin Wright will be happy with this session because it’s for her Pour Las Femmes pajama line but in my opinion it’s one of the photo shoots where Robin does not look pretty. Sorry.

  2. I am very sad with the news of Jed Allen. I met Robin Wright as Kelly and I fell in love with her even though the series was a little shabby.
    I will never forget that role of Kelly because that’s when I met her and became a fan forever. That’s why I am very sad with the news of the death of C.C Capwell. Rest in peace. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

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