Max (2005)

The short film MAX, directed by Samuel Bayer, was part of the Sony Dreams project.

MAX tells the story of a woman (Robin Wright) who faces the difficult choice between working to support herself and her handicapped son, or staying home to care for him.

MAX was filmed and released in 2005.

The “Dreams” program turned noted spot directors loose to reflect their creative vision in shorts shot with Sony 24p HD cameras. The theme for 2005 series was “Flight”.

Director Samuel Bayer said that his creative vision for the short MAX could not have been fully realized without the hi-def camera.

Written by Bayer and JP Danko, Max stars Robin Wright and a young boy, Max, who has cerebral palsy.

The short delves deeply into the close-knit, profound relationship between a mother and child. In this case, the parent is dealing with not only taking care of her son, but also financial hardship.

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