Joanne Brown is HERE 2016: Episode 4 (Robin Wright)

‘Joanne Brown is here’ is a new digital comedy series about a Brentwood socialite (Joanne Baron) who discovers she’s penniless after the sudden death of her philandering husband. She negotiates life as a widow, with money she thought they had (and didn’t), his faithfulness (he wasn’t), and life among the famous and desperately youthful.

Each episode is approximately five minutes in length and shot with a handheld camera, using improvised dialogue based on a detailed outline.

Though centered in the world of Brentwood, it includes many other locations and features famous actors Robin Wright, Jeff Goldblum or Jimmy Fallon portraying themselves, utilizing both real and fictional elements.

In episode 4, Robin Wright makes a cameo as herself. This is the PLOT for episode 4 of the web series: Back in Brentwood, Joanne has a nasty encounter with a tree route and leaves a note on the unkempt neighbor’s door! As it turns out, her the neighbor is non other than actress Robin Wright! Later that night, Robin greets Joanne at her home and hilarity ensues.

Joanne Baron is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Baron Brown Studio. Ms. Baron and the Studio have been successful for over 35 years teaching artists like Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Olivia Wilde, Julia Stiles, Mariska Hargitay, Sam Raimi, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Dempsey and Robin Wright.

Joanne Baron is a great teacher of the Meisner technique. In the 80s, Robin Wright trained with Joanne Baron in that filed. Robin Wright talked about her experience from the 80s and said: “I remember feeling a sense of security from D.W. He provided an atmosphere within which the insecure, novice actor could safely strive, explore, and even fail.”

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