Independent Spirit Awards (2005)


26 February 2005

Robin Wright went to the ceremony of the Independent Spirit Awards.

She presented with Aidan Quinn the “John Cassavettes Award”.

The winner in this category was ‘Mean Creek’ directed by Jacob Aaron Estes.

In 2004 the movie ‘Virgin’, directed by Deborah Kampmeier and starring Elisabeth Moss and Robin Wright, received a nomination in this category, which is made for movies with a budget under than 500.000$.

Robin Wright also had a key supporting role in ‘Virgin’ and was executive producer.


Robin Wright and Aidan Quinn presenting at the 20th IFP Independent Spirit Awards on February 26, 2005.
Sandra Oh and Robin Wright during the 20th Annual IFP Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica.
Robin Wright has 3 Independent Spirit Nominations: 2 as Best Female Lead for ‘Sorry, Haters’ (2006) and ‘Loved’ (1997). And the other is as Best Supporting Female for Rodrigo Garcia movie ‘Nine Lives’ (2005)
Robin Wright and Aidan Quinn played a couple of lovers in the movie ‘The Playboys’ (1992)


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