Devil’s Peak (2023)

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Plot: Deep in the Appalachian Mountains, Charlie (Billy Bob Thornton) controls his family and his meth-dealing business with his fists. When his young son Jacob (Hopper Penn) meets the girl of his dreams, desperately wanting to escape the life he is expected to lead and freeing himself from the clutches of his cruel father and long-suffering mother Virgie (Robin Wright), he is forced to go head-to-head with the terrifying man who will stop at nothing to ensure loyalty from all of those around him.

Director: Ben Young

Writing Credits: David Joy (novel) & Robert Knott (screenplay)

Cast: Hopper Penn, Billy Bob Thornton, Robin Wright, Katelyn Nacon, Emma Booth, Brian d’Arcy James, Jackie Earle Haley, Harrison Gilbertson and David Kallaway.

Producers: Ruth Bornhauser, Griff Furst, Josh Kesselman, Robert Knott & Robin Wright.

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller.

Filming Dates: November 1, 2021 (Start Date) | December 6, 2021 (End Date)

Release Date USA: February 17, 2023

Music by: Adam Spark

Runtime: 97 minutes

The original tittle of the movie was ‘WHERE ALL LIGHT TENDS TO GO’, the same as the book the movie is based on. But in January 2023 the tittle was changed and now is called ‘DEVIL’S PEAK’.


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Hooper Penn interviewed by BOSTON HERALD:

Acting opposite his mother playing his mother was among the film’s benefits. “What I can say about working with my mom is right when they like said ‘Action!’ it was so comfortable. It was really, really easy to fall into that character a little bit more. It felt a little bit more real when I was with my actual mom. Specifically what I remember is my main scene with my mom is a big emotional crying scene and after me and my mom looked at each other, laughed and went out and had a cigarette together.”

Having celebrated parents doesn’t mean he’s studied their careers. “A lot of my friends are shocked that I’ve never seen ‘The Princess Bride’ and I just recently saw ‘Forrest Gump’ for the first time. It’s weird — because I believe I’ve seen more of my dad’s movies but I definitely think my mom’s a much better actress.”


Trina Boice | Movie Review Mon
The fantastic cast includes Billy Bob Thornton, Robin Wright, Brian d’Arcy James, Jackie Earle Haley, and Hopper Penn. I didn’t even recognize Billy Bob Thornton the first time he appeared on screen! Robin Wright was almost unrecognizable too. They both truly disappeared into their characters.  Everyone gave excellent performances. It must have been a great experience for Robin Wright to perform with her son in a movie.  He received a Masterclass from her and Billy Bob Thornton.

Rohitavra Majumdar | High on Films
Robin Wright plays Thornton’s addicted ex-wife. She also does her best to portray a troubled character that is slightly better written compared to Thornton’s character. Obviously, the few scenes between Thornton and Wright turn out to be really good.
Hopper Penn, Wright’s real-life son, plays Jacob, the film’s lead. His performance as the young man, suffocated under the weight of his evil father trying his best to break free, is promising enough to believe that the guy might make it big as an actor, following his parents. Hopper’s chemistry with his mother, who also plays his screen mother, is actually one of the few good things about the movie.

Brandon Yu | The New York Times
Wright is the film’s easy standout: Her story as the addicted mother is one whose details we never really know but can intuit through somber, silent moments in her darkened home.

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